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Likes-to-squirt: Quick Links

For those followers who only use tumblr on their phone or mobile device, I am sure you are unaware of the tags on my blog. I am posting this because most of the answers to common questions I get are found within these tags/quick links.

If you visit: http://likes-to-squirt.tumblr.com you will find links on the right side of the page that contain posts such as FAQ’s, Stories, Squirting, and answers to questions issued by followers. I even have a text from roommate tag.

Here they are:

Answered Asks: http://likes-to-squirt.tumblr.com/tagged/asks

Squirting related stuff: http://likes-to-squirt.tumblr.com/tagged/squirt

Stories: http://likes-to-squirt.tumblr.com/tagged/stories

F.A.Q: http://likes-to-squirt.tumblr.com/tagged/faq

Follower Submissions: http://likes-to-squirt.tumblr.com/tagged/submission

Texts from Roommate: http://likes-to-squirt.tumblr.com/tagged/text